Commit 3c2819fb authored by Tobias Assmann's avatar Tobias Assmann
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set testdata for csr creation if session filling with data has been failed....

set testdata for csr creation if session filling with data has been failed. THIS IS ONLY A TMP HACK AND NOT PROD READY!!!
parent 4616271f
......@@ -90,11 +90,26 @@ public class CSRFactory {
x500NameBld.addRDN(BCStyle.CN, new DERPrintableString(caIssuerName));
X500Name issuerDN =;
x500NameBld = new X500NameBuilder(BCStyle.INSTANCE);
//TODO: if card comes with data like foreign names, seems like parsing and setting
//users data in session fails, this should be fixed. As a quickhack we hardcode testdata here.
if (givenname==null) {
if (surname==null) {
x500NameBld.addRDN(BCStyle.CN, new DERPrintableString(givenname + " " + surname));
x500NameBld.addRDN(BCStyle.GIVENNAME, new DERPrintableString(givenname));
x500NameBld.addRDN(BCStyle.SURNAME, new DERPrintableString(surname));
if (birthname==null) {
x500NameBld.addRDN(BCStyle.NAME_AT_BIRTH, new DERPrintableString(birthname));
x500NameBld.addRDN(BCStyle.DATE_OF_BIRTH, new Time(dateOfBirth));
if (dateOfBirth!=null) {
x500NameBld.addRDN(BCStyle.DATE_OF_BIRTH, new Time(dateOfBirth));
} else {
x500NameBld.addRDN(BCStyle.DATE_OF_BIRTH, new Time(new Date(100, 01, 01, 00, 00, 00)));
X500Name subjectDN =;
GeneralName recipient = new GeneralName(issuerDN);
GeneralName sender = new GeneralName(subjectDN);
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