Commit 824ad5c0 authored by Rene Lottes's avatar Rene Lottes
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Don't explicit set CAN_ALLOWED in optional CHAT

parent 78aeb884
......@@ -220,7 +220,7 @@ public class PACEStep implements ProtocolStep<DIDAuthenticate, DIDAuthenticateRe
CHATVerifier.verfiy(taCHAT, requiredCHAT);
// enable CAN_ALLOWED value, gets deleted by the restrict afterwards if not allowed
optionalCHAT.setSpecialFunctions(CHAT.SpecialFunction.CAN_ALLOWED, true);
//optionalCHAT.setSpecialFunctions(CHAT.SpecialFunction.CAN_ALLOWED, true);
// remove overlapping values from optional chat
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