Commit 78aeb884 authored by Tobias Wich's avatar Tobias Wich
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Display transaction info only if it is not empty

parent 00c3aabe
......@@ -232,6 +232,10 @@ public class PACEStep implements ProtocolStep<DIDAuthenticate, DIDAuthenticateRe
eacData.certificateDescription = certDescription;
eacData.rawCertificateDescription = rawCertificateDescription;
eacData.transactionInfo = eac1Input.getTransactionInfo();
// remove transaction info again if it is empty
if (eacData.transactionInfo != null && eacData.transactionInfo.trim().isEmpty()) {
eacData.transactionInfo = null;
eacData.requiredCHAT = requiredCHAT;
eacData.optionalCHAT = optionalCHAT;
eacData.selectedCHAT = new CHAT(requiredCHAT.toByteArray());
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