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......@@ -39,6 +39,30 @@ Finally, you can run the Open eCard App from command line:
$ ./packager/richclient-packager/target/open-ecard/bin/open-ecard
Native packages which are based on a modular runtime image can be built with the new [jpackage]( tool which is a candidate for JDK-14. Early-access builds are already [provided]( Native packages for the Open eCard can be built by downloading the JDK-14 early-access build, referencing it as toolchain and by specifying the following profile:
$ mvn clean install -Pdesktop-package
By default, the packager will take the predefined package types, such as dmg for Mac OS and deb for Linux-based systems. The package type can be overridden for Mac and Linux packages by using the following user property:
$ mvn clean install -Pdesktop-package -Djlink-jpackager.package-type=<type>
Thereby, the following types are available:
- dmg
- pkg
- deb
- rpm
You have to make sure the required packaging tools are installed. In case of Windows, msi and exe packages are built. For this purpose, two additional tools are required:
- [WiX toolset]( - to create msi installers
- [Inno Setup]( - to create exe installers (Path environment variable must be set)
More information about the required JDK versions and the setup of the toolchain, can be found in the file.
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